What is SushiAppro?

Have you ever wondered where to find the best sushi in Tampere? Do you know what mochi, bubble tea, and gyoza are, or where you can get these Asian delights? You’ll find the answers to these questions at the most delicious interdisciplinary student event of the spring: SushiAppro!


SushiAppro is a completely new event concept, organized for the first time on April 9, 2024, in Tampere. The event involves university students touring Asian restaurants in the central area of Tampere in a checkpoint-style route. The restaurants offer various savory and sweet delicacies at affordable prices. By purchasing a small portion from a restaurant, the participant earns a stamp in their achievement card, called the “appropassi”. After collecting at least six stamps, the participant will be rewarded with a unique sew-on-patch for their student overalls at the finish line.


The purpose of the event is to give students the opportunity to explore Tampere’s Asian restaurants more closely. Participants get to taste familiar and perhaps even new Asian delicacies at student-friendly prices. SushiAppro is designed to accommodate vegans, and we have aimed to consider the most common dietary restrictions and fish allergies. Our key values are experientiality, accessibility, and student-friendliness. We also want to create SushiAppro as a low-threshold event for exchange students, helping them integrate well into Finnish student culture. More information about the event can be found in the Info section. Welcome to participate in the tastiest interdisciplinary student event of the spring!