SushiAppro was born out of a desire to diversify student event offerings. We noticed that traditional pub crawls often revolved around alcohol, with checkpoints limited mainly to familiar Finnish restaurants and nightclubs. We wanted to create something entirely new – something that could bring more multicultural experiences to the student community. We aimed to establish an event by students for students, providing the entire Tampere higher education community with fresh experiences while remaining accessible and student-friendly. Above all, our goal was to create an event where you can just relax and have fun while enjoying the warmth of spring after a long winter.


The founder of SushiAppro, project manager Qiang Karhula, took hold of the idea and started refining it into a concrete event.” After overcoming initial challenges such as cultural differences with restaurants and language barriers, the event generated significant buzz within the community. The high potential of the event was evident when the SushiAppro Instagram account (@sushiappro) became the most followed non-alcoholic student event account in Finland already in its first year!


New restaurants were also excited and grateful to be invited to be a part of the student community. In its first year, SushiAppro managed to secure a remarkable 21 official checkpoints, showcasing the event’s rapid growth and positive reception within the community. Articles about this unique student event were also made by Aamulehti and Tamperelainen.